Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate programs at Addis Ababa Medical and Business College is started since the establishment of the College. Currently the undergraduate programs are offering at regular, extension, weekend and distance division. The governing body of undergraduate programs at Campus level is the Academic Commission of each Campus. The Department Council is also the governing body of their respective department under the Academic Commission.
Accredited undergraduate regular programs
Public Health
Accounting and Finance
Business Management
Under Graduate Programs on process of accreditation
 Information Technology

Contact Address
1. Head Office/Piassa/ Campus
Tel: +251 111 267713, +251 111 5600005, +251 911 635124
Email: piassacampus@aambc.net
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2. Diredawa Campus
Tel: +251 25 113 0925
Email: diredawacampus@aambc.net
Diredawa, Ethiopia
3. Metehara Campus
Tel: +251 222 260940
Email: metehara@aambc.net
Metehara, Ethiopia
4. Zeway Campus
Tel: +251 46 8410852 / +251 46 4414390
Email: zewaycampus@aambc.net
Zeway, Ethiopia
5. Sululta Campus
6. Hargessa Campus