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Postgraduate programs

A postgraduate degree encompasses a range of qualifications that require an undergraduate degree to be
considered for entry.
Postgraduate degrees are taken for a number of different reasons, such as to move into academia and research or to specialize a career path or change track entirely.
A masters degree can take a number of different forms but what they all have in common is that they usually require an undergraduate degree to gain entry. All our master programs require a thesis or dissertation to graduate in addition to any coursework.

Admission criteria

For postgraduate programs, an applicant should:

  1. Fulfill admission requirements of the curriculum of the specific program,
  2. Pass an entrance exam as determined by the curriculum of the specific program,
  3. Produce an official transcript from the university/college from where they obtained the degree
  4. Have a valid email address before he/she can begin the registration process,
  5. Properly complete the admission application process.
  6. Make a soft copy of educational credentials and submit it through our online admission system upon request,
  7. Make a payment for the admission process and send a soft copy of the bank receipt to our online admission system upon request.
  8. The admission process will only be completed when the applicant send his/her required educational credentials and payment receipts to our online admission system.

List of our postgraduate programs

  • Master pf Business Administration(Regular and Online Modality)
  • MSc in Accounting and Finance(Regular modality)
  • MPH in General(Regular modality)
  • MPH in Nutrition (Regular modality)
  • MSc in Adult Health Nursing(Regular modality)
  • MA in Project Management (Coming Soon)
  • MSc in Computer Science(Soon)