Having more than 17 years of experience in teaching, research and community service


Addis Ababa Medical and Business College (AAMBC) has been providing quality education and training since 2004. The college grew from a single campus of few students and staff members, primarily from Sidestkillo, expanded to a six campus.

In early 2005, Addis Ababa Medical College resumes health education in Addis Ababa, Sidestkillo. The college began developing into a multi-campus institution in early 2013.

It was begun by initiating programs with the regional states: Oroma and Dire Dawa. Expansion continued with the opening of the AAMBC second campus in Addis Ababa Misrak Campus in 2006. Today, the college consists of five independent compounds in the capital city as well as in different regional districts covering Oromia and Dire Dawa.

The total students’ enrollment population has increased at an alarming rate compared to other similar private Colleges. Projections for growth mirror the patterns of the recent past depicted strong teaching and learning commitment.

The College is uniquely positioned to meet the constantly changing needs of students in our

College, preparing students well to medical world of and providing opportunities for students to obtain basic skills, take refresher courses, participate in non-credit courses, and earn certificates and degrees. Within open-door admissions policy, the college strives to provide programs which will enhance learning for all students.

Throughout its nine-branches, the College is the leading private college of choice among College eligible students compared to other Medical Colleges and Universities. Five of the branches are found in Adama, Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Hargessa (Somali Land) and Ziway by planning statewide targets.

Building on its accumulated teaching experience in the field of health science, The College is now keen to begin teaching business fields so as to provide its clients with the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurship in the field of their specialization.