Quality Assurance Office

The Quality Assurance Director of Addis Ababa Medical and Business College shall be appointed based on merit and through competition by the president in consultation with vice president. The Director is an autonomous body under the Vice president. He/She provides support to the campuses,departments, centers/offices, top management and major College committees and other bodies whenever necessary to deliver quality teaching learning and research activities.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Quality Assurance Office is empowered to follow up academic quality and other service delivery that Addis Ababa Medical and Business College aspires to achieve. Pursuant to College’s goal, among others, Quality Assurance Office is doing the following tasks.

  • Develops policies and instruments for quality assurance and auditing of the academic, research , community service activities and services from supporting units of the College
  • Participating in framing of strategic plan of the College.
  • Overseeing the formulation of action plan and its implementation.
  • Initiates and/or supports course, program and institutional self-assessment, peer review, and external review
  • Participating in reviewing annual plan prepared by the different offices of College.
  • Conducting quarterly monitoring and evaluation on implementation of planned activities of the College’s operational units.
  • Producing evaluation reports based on monitoring.
  • Develops academic quality standards in collaboration with other Department
  • Providing training on quality assurance and enhancement practices to the university staff and other similar institutions.
  • Coordinating institutional and program self-assessment.
  • Undertaking comprehensive evaluations such as biannual students’ evaluation of instructors, departments’ evaluation of staffs.
  • Assessing the quality of research, community and professional services at College level.
  • Proposes improvement plans based on quality assessment recommendations in collaboration with Department
  • Preparing a framework and following consultancy bids to provide external training.
  • Conducting consultative meetings with quality enhancement committees.



Piassa Campus around St. George Church/Head Office Building/

Email: qao@aambc.net

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia