President Office

Major duties and responsibilities

The President is the Chief Executive Officer (CED) of the College, a member of the academic staff and is entrusted with carrying out the policies and programs established by the Board and Senate.  The President exercising all the powers vested in him/her by the College legislation. He/she makes use of the advice of three collective bodies: Such as The College Board, The Managing Council and the College Senate. Being responsible for providing the academic leadership, the President ensures the maintenance and advancement of the academic policies of the College.  It is a business leader of the College. In addition, the President:

  • Initiates and coordinates the formulation of the strategic and budget plans;
  • Represents the College in all its dealings with third parties and signs contracts and other agreements;
  • Recruits, builds and retains a professional executive team to achieve effective management;
  • Chairs the senate and general staff meetings.
  • Consults with Senate and Board members in the development of major policies;
  • Oversees the implementation of recommendations and regulations passed by the Senate; and
  • Keeps the Senate informed of significant issues and conditions that have implications for the College.



Piassa Campus around St. George Church/Head Office Building/

Tel: +251-11-156-0005


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia