Post Graduate School

The School of Post Graduate Studies at Addis Ababa Medical and Business College is established in 2018, educates the next generation of professionals and academicians to further advance knowledge in their chosen fields and to apply new skills to address the needs of society. Coordinating Office of Post Graduate Program is tasked with initiating, coordinating, and administering a wide variety of multidisciplinary graduate programs on campuses in Addis Ababa Medical and Business College. Post Graduate Programs Coordinating Office offers programs of study and research at the masters’ levels. The Office is a center of academic excellence which integrates academic training, research and community service with a globally minded orientation.

Our students represent the brightest and most accomplished in the country. They come to study with us from various backgrounds and professional experiences in order to hone their skills in order to identify, analyze and intervene in society’s greatest challenges when they return to their professional roles. Our teaching staff apply practical, real world experience along with theory to create a teaching-learning environment that can foster the exchange of novel ideas and transfer of high value skills for the development of professionalism of the highest standard.

The School of Post Graduate Studies has ambitions to further expand its operations on all campuses at Addis Ababa Medical and Business College, at more field sites and in the virtual realm. The School also has plans to increase the programs we offer by the number of masters, professional certificate while simultaneously improving the quality of established programs. Through collaboration, deliberation, and with a constant desire to achieve academic excellence relevant to professionalism in 21st century, the quality of our programs and the benefit our graduates bring to society will only increase.

The School of Post Graduate Studies is formally established in the academic year of 2017/18, with the following general aims.

  • Initiating
  • Coordinating and
  • Administering of graduate programs

Council of Graduate Studies: is the governing body of the school.
Adhering to the College’s policy.  The CGS duty is:

  • To determine requirements for admission
  • To provide programs of study and examinations
  • To establish and maintain requirements for graduate degrees
  • To make recommendations for new areas of graduate study
  • To lay down such regulations as may be considered necessary for governing the SGS
  • To exercise a general supervision over its affairs

The coordinating office of Post Graduate Program is headed by a Dean who is the chief executive officer of the School.
Department Graduate Committee (DGC): this is the body whose duty is to develop and execute the departmental program, and is responsible for CAC.
The School shall offer programs of study and research leading to MPH, M.Sc. M.A and similar other degrees.

Accredited Post Graduate Programs

Post Graduate Programs on process of accreditation

  • MSc. In Software Engineering

Contact address


Office address: Piassa around St. George Church on the direction of Semen Hotel.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia