PG Coordinating Office

The Post Graduate Coordinator is the chief operating officer in charge of graduate programs and shall have the following duties and responsibilities

  • Overseeing the overall academic activities of the School of Graduate Studies in the conventional mode of learning
  • Ensuring the effective implementation of policies laid down by the Senate with regard to the proper administration of graduate programs; developing policies, guidelines and frameworks for curricular development of graduate programs and, upon approval, ensure the implementation thereof by academic units;
  • Planning, initiating, coordinating and assisting the development of strategic plan for the effective management of existing and expansion programs, and opening new ones on need-basis and national priorities;
  • Organizing and facilitating skills upgrading workshops and training for faculty and students;
  • Reconciling needs with capacity and collecting, processing, deploying and disseminating data on graduate programs;
  • Overseeing the standards of student admissions are met;
  • Coordinating and facilitating the development of trans- and interdisciplinary graduate programs in consultation with the colleges, departments, schools, and centers concerned;
  • Ensuring that the staff members are engaged in community services;
  • Collaborating and facilitating internal and external assistance for graduate programs and their research activities;
  • Establishing contact and linkage with local and international institutions;
  • Ensuring that standards set are met in graduate programs development and implementation; and
  • Monitoring the management of graduate programs in colleges and forward recommendations.
  • Performing all other duties as may be assigned by the Vice President, the President or the Senate.

Contact Address:


Office address: Addis Ababa Main Campus building