Nursing Undergraduate Program

General objective of the program

The main Purpose of the undergraduate degree in nursing is to provide an  educational program through which the graduates will be prepared to assume  in  the primary ,secondary, and tertiary care of    capable of teaching and supervising appropriate nursing and health care indifferent setting are participate in the administration of nursing service and education.

Specific objective of the program

After the completion of the program, the graduates would be able to:

  • Provide nursing care for individuals, families and communities following sound scientific ways of nursing process.
  • Participate as a member of health team in the promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care delivery system of country.
  • Recognize the need for learning for their personal relation and professional development.

 Graduate Profile

Upon completion of the BSc Nursing program, the graduates will be able to;

  • Guide, counsel and teach clients based on the need at all health settings and mental health.
  • Diagnose and manage common health ailments in the community (including emergencies and current issues like HIV/AIDS and refer clients when needed.
  • Conduct normal delivery in hospitals and health centers.
  • Promote planned change to improve health care delivery system in any setting.
  • Diagnosing and treating common health problems at primary health care level.
  • Utilize the research findings as evidence based ,to improve the quality of care provided to clients.
  • Demonstrate the need for continuing learning for professional and personal enrichment.


Contact address
Eden Seifu
Coordinator, Nursing and Midwifery Programs