Midwifery Undergraduate Program

General objectives of Midwifery undergraduate program 

The main objective of the midwifery training is to produce competent undergraduate midwives who can render promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative midwifery service at all levels of health care system.

Specific objectives of the Midwifery undergraduate program

On Successes full completion of the program, newly qualified midwife will be:

  • Enhance professional midwifery expertise through the application of knowledge attitude and skills
  • Assist the empowerment of women to assume greater control of their child bearing experiences through enhanced awareness of choices available to them
  • Enhance the standard of midwifery education and practice in Ethiopia through collaborative effort with national and international stack holders.
  • Act as advocates for women and their families

Graduate profile

After going through this program the graduates are expected to perform the following functions in the areas of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

  • Conduct a clean and safe delivery, and handle selected emergency situations to maximize the health of women and their newborns
  • Use obstetrical and gynecological instrument
  • Provide ARV profilaxies for mother and new born to prevent mother to child transmission
  • Function within legal and ethical framework ,accepting responsibility and accountability for his or her own practice
  • She/he must actively participate in against women violence and child abuse.


Contact address
Eden Seifu
Coordinator, Nursing and Midwifery Programs
Email: edenseifu2018@gmail.com