Metehara Campus

The Metehara Campus of Addis Ababa Medical and Business College was established in 2009 at Merti (Metahara Sugar Factory) which is 200km south east of Main Campus/Addis Ababa/ with a TVET programs in health faculty. After a year time the College has built its own campus at Haro Adii (Addis Ketema) 4km south of Metahara Town. Currently the campus has accredited with under graduate and TVET programs at health and business faculties.

The academic commission is the highest governing body of the campus in all academic matters. Some duties and powers of the academic commission are

  • To consider matters of academic interest either on its own initiative or at the instance of the Senate or these proposed by the departments / and to take proper action thereon;
  • To exercise general supervision over the academic work of the Campus and to give direction regarding methods of instruction, evaluation, and improvements in academic standards;
  • To prescribe courses of study leading to degrees and diplomas of the campus and recommend eligible prospective graduate to the college’s senate.
  • Establish different ad-hoc committee. Such as quality enhancement committee, research committee, exam committee, social affairs committee etc.
  • To determine the curriculum of the subjects to be studied, research and training under the Campus and to evaluate educational academic and research activities of the campus.
  • To maintain proper standards of the examinations;
  • To recognize diplomas and degrees of other Institutions and to determine equivalence with the diplomas and degrees of the institutions.
  • To suggest measures for departmental co-ordination;
  • To evaluate the academic programs of the students
  • To determine the standard of teaching and research
  • To give opinion and advice to the senate on academic matters

The following are members of the Campus academic commission.

S.No Academic Commission Members Remark
1. Academic Dean Chair Person
2. Head, Campus Registrar Secretary
3. Department Heads Member
4. Head, Campus Quality Assurance Office Member
5. Students Dean for Campus Member
6. Head, Campus Research and Community service office Member
7. Two Students from Students Council Member
8. Head, Campus Library Member
9. Head, Campus ICT coordinator Member

Facilities at Metehara Campus










Undergraduate Library



Health demonstration centers



Business demonstration centers



Under graduate computer Lab



Undergraduate Lecture rooms



Contact Information

  • Contact name: Abishu Kurkie Kabeto (MBA) , Campus Dean
  • Tel/Mobile/ +251911400495 Mobile
  • Tel/Office/ +251222260940 Office
  • Email:
  • O.Box 17 East showa Zone Fantale Woreda

Matehara ,Ethiopia.