Library Service

The College’s library has organized collection of information resources accessible to students as well as academic and administrative staff members. The library’s collection includes books,  journals, periodicals, policy documents in hard copies and in other forms such as CDs, e-books, e journals, a and databases to support the teaching-learning process and research endeavors and to respond to the needs of the entire university community. The library system has undergraduate and post graduate libraries located at each campus. The College has so far managed to avail mini-libraries at a substantial number of the College’s distance learning coordinating centers to create easy access to learning resource for those pursuing their education through distance mode of learning.

Electronic Database

The library has also secured online services of electronic resources. These online resources are

Access and Usage

The library has general information, service standards, procedures, manuals and policies on the use of facilities and collections.

Library Catalogue

The Addis Ababa medical and Business College uses both traditional and OPAC catalogues as its principal gateways to all its collections.

Circulation Services

The libraries have a circulation desk where the library staff will assist users to check-out library materials. The library staff members also recall and trace items which users cannot find in the stack and answer questions about circulation policy and issuance of borrowing cards.

Reference Services

Staff members are available at service desks in each library to help users find information and get proper services, collection and resources of College’s libraries.

Inter-Library Loan Services

Addis Ababa Medical and Business College libraries provide inter-library loan services that facilitate borrowing and lending resources within College’s libraries and libraries of other Campuses.

Library acquisitions

Acquisition is one of the operations the College libraries carry out. The policy of the College libraries is developing an up-to-date library collection with a large number of books, periodicals, newspapers and CD-ROMs.  The acquisition of materials is on-going, and new books and materials are consistently being added to the current collection in print and electronic formats. While adding more resource to its library through a variety of means, the College library strives to provide students with more options to easy access to learning resources