Chief Librarian

Duties and responsibilities of Chief Librarian

The Chief Librarian strives to accomplish the following major tasks:

  • Work toward ensuring that plans and targets of the College are fulfilled;
  • Plan, administer and safeguard the print and electronic materials of the College
  • Ensure the smooth running of the library service in line with the aims and objectives of the College;
  • Develop and manage collections;
  • Identify and provide learning resources to instructors , researchers, and students;
  • Manage available resources efficiently and economically;
  • Establish a conducive study environment which caters to the interests of  library users;
  • Train staff members and other library users to develop their information service skills for efficient and effective utilization of information resources;
  • Carry out appropriate development work in the library with the aim of improving the library’s multi-purpose services;
  • Maintain effective links with  domestic and  international educational institutions;