CDE Director

Director for Center of Distance Education shall be accountable to the Vice President of the College.

The major tasks of the center are

  • Develop policies and guidelines and frameworks to ensure the implementation of distance education programs by academic units and regional sub centers.
  • Look after all distance education programs including the implementation and improvement of the academic calendar and the activities of the center;
  • Develop, coordinate and implement more flexible programs compared to those executed at higher education institutions.
  • Oversee the proper execution of rules and regulations of the College regarding the teaching-learning process in distance education programs.
  • Plan the resource needed for the Center and submit the plan to the concerned body and execute it upon approval;
  • Make distance education accessible to everyone in Ethiopia and out of Ethiopia as a starting point for a lifelong learning process.
  • Evaluate all requests from the various Offices, Sections, Units, Departments and Regional Centers and submit them to the Vice President of the College;
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of guidelines, programs and mechanisms for student success and reduction of attrition
  • Collect, process, deploy and disseminate information and data in the form of catalogs on distance programs.
  • Supervise the implementation of the decisions of the Center’s Academic Commission and the Vice President of the College;


Contact Address

  • CDE Office: Piassa around St. George Church on the direction of Semen Hotel in front of Main Campus/Piassa Campus/
  • Tel: +251 111 267713, +251 11 1560863
  • Email:

Addis Ababa Ethiopia