Business Management Department


The general objective of the program is to provide a strong conceptual, technical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of Business Management that will enable students to create, innovate, evaluate, adapt, and utilize appropriate methods, theories, and techniques for solving real world problem. And to produce competent and all-rounded graduates in terms of knowledge, skill and attitude to address the work force demands of the country in Business Management profession and thereby contribute to the overall development endeavor of the nation and beyond.


Through its program the department has specific objectives of producing professionals who:

  • Can competently manage marketing, finance, operations, human resource, materials, information resources etc.
  • Are responsive and effective in working with and through others as well as capable of making and implementing decisions.
  • Can search and developing business opportunities as well as tackling business problems
  • Are capable of planning, organizing, directing and controlling activities of their own business, private, non-government and government organizations.
  • Are effectively understood and implement the functions of human resource management.
  • Think critically, communicate skillfully and solve problems systematically to ensure organizational success.
  • Foresee the future critically and identify strategic opportunities and threats of a company in a dynamic environment.
  • Are effectively and efficiently respond to the needs for project, service, executive and corporate managers;
  • Can face the challenges of today’s and tomorrows highly complex and competitive environment.
  • Are capable enough in predicting the future by using quantitative and qualitative management tools to tackle problems proactively.
  • Can conduct problem solving and basic researches to identify and solve problems scientifically based on reliable facts and figures.
  • Can contribute for the existing management knowledge, skills and practices.
  • Are responsible and committed citizens of the nation to all sorts of efforts meant for enhancing the economic welfare of the country?

The program is aimed at producing graduates who can have adequate knowledge, skills and attitude towards application of Business Management concepts. Specifically:

  • Capable of making rational decisions to solve organizational problems and manage conflicts;
  • Manage financial resources of the organization by applying financial principles;
  • Capable of using management science, and decision-making models in organizational decision making.
  • Judge ethically, think logically, reason critically, and make professional judgments in Management;
  • Capable of understanding the legal, social and ethical responsibilities associated with the management of all types of organization;
  • Capable of using information communication technology in utilizing and managing organizational resources;
  • Capable to competently manage human resources of an organization by understanding individual differences, group behavior and organization level behavior and culture;
  • Motivated for creativity, innovation and management of projects;
  • Design short-term and long-term investment projects for all types of organizations;
  • Understand the economic, political geographical and cultural factors that affect the international business opportunities, strategies, policies and practices;
  • Design appropriate and robust strategies to shape or cope up with changing organizational and macro environment;
  • Perform analysis of customer demand, sales volume and historical material usage to develop and execute build to order and build to forecast plans;
  • Capable of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of all types of organizations;
  • Responsive and effective in working with and through others by developing an understanding of common goal;
  • Manage material resources and operations of an organization;
  • Conduct research and consultancy service in management and related areas and offer training for those who need it;
  • Analyze transaction, summarize record and interpret accounting data for managerial decision making;
  • Apply fundamental economic concepts and models in organizational and managerial decisions;
  • Apply fundamental marketing concepts and marketing management approaches in domestic as well as international marketing issues and practices;
  • Capable of collecting, analyzing, interpreting and using statistical data for managerial decisions;
  • Capable of collecting, analyzing and interpreting different data and information collected through modern technologies to make rational and optimal decision;
  • Analyze and manage costs of different organizational activities;
  • Capable in using and maintaining professional commitment required in the area.

Program Divisions

Undergraduate Business Management is delivered in different divisions. These are

  • Regular division
  • Extension division
  • Distance division and
  • Weekend special division


Contact address
Ketema Araya
Head, Business Management Department
Tel: +251911063455