General Background

Background of Addis Ababa Medical and Business College

The need for expanding tertiary level training in health and social sciences is evident. The burden of health problems, increasing population pressure and economic challenges indicate the need for effective and efficient programming of Workforce development. However, the human resource crisis in contemporary Ethiopia has created a huge obstacle to implementing the sustainable transformation and development plan to its fullest extent. The decentralized governance structure in the public sector and the growing number of national and international NGOs require competent professionals.

The Government policy and strategic shift to producing high level professionals and academicians to support program implementation and expansion of education opportunities have also posed a tremendous challenge to higher learning institutions. The demand for evidence-based interventions is also increasing, which necessitates the production of high level professionals. Offering long-term training opportunity for academic staff has also been used as retention mechanism in many countries including Ethiopia.

AAMBC has been providing quality education and training since its founding in 1996 E.C. During that time, the college grew from a single campus of few students and staff members, primarily from Sidest killo, expanded to a six-campus. In early 1997 E.C, Addis Ababa Medical College resumes health education in Addis Ababa, Sidest killo. The college began developing into a multi-campus institution in early 1995s. It was begun by initiating programs with the regional states: Oroma and Dire Dawa.

Expansion continued with the opening of the College’s second campus in Addis Ababa Misrak Campus in 1998 E.C. Today, the college consists of five independent compounds in the capital city as well as in different regional districts covering Oromia and Dire Dawa. The total students’ enrollment population has increased at an alarming rate compared to other similar private Colleges. Projections for growth mirror the patterns of the recent past depicted strong teaching and learning commitment.

Building on its accumulated teaching experience in the field of health science, the College is now keen to begin teaching business fields so as to provide its clients with the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurship in the field of their specialization.

The students of Addis Ababa medical and Business College are highly accustomed with the usage of modern CD library. The college has adequate classrooms, reading facilities, organized demonstration facility, laboratory and service to practical areas. It is also using all government and non-government health facilities for practical teaching.

The college  has  excellent  a proficiency in teaching  junior pharmacy, laboratory technicians and junior nurses, public health officers at a diploma level and degree level,  based on previous experience in training at different categories and availability of conducive training environment, feedback from stalk holders is an opportunity to expands the number of training programs.