Administration & Finance

Power and duties

The Administrative and Finance Manager is accountable to the Vice President and will have the following major authority and responsibilities.

  • Directs the overall administrative activity of the college.
  • To advise the Vice President, in all administration and finance matters.
  • Compiles the annual budget of the college and to execute upon approval.
  • Prepares and submits the report to the Vice President on a monthly basis and as required.
  • Conducts evaluation of his/her staff.
  • Initiates income generating activity and implement same upon approval.
  • Assist and support the Academic wing in all aspect as per their request by providing relevant services appropriate to team.
  • Secure the college property from damage theft and Embezzlement.
  • Perform duties as directed by the President or Vice President.
  • Coordinate all activities and tasks within the administrative and finance section.
  • Make sure that computerized accounting records are kept up-to-date.
  • Ensure that internal and external audits are carried out properly and at appropriate time intervals.
  • Ensure monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts and ensure also that all sub-ledgers agree with their respective general ledger controlling accounts.
  • Ensure that all disbursements are properly approved and executed.



Piassa Campus around St. George Church/Head Office Building/


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia